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Business Analytics

More and more customers, who had earlier invested in systems like ERP, CRM have now becoming aware that business data is right in their IT backyards. What they need is to build progressive insights with the information they have, which will help them decision making. With more and more customers engaging through social media, it becomes imperative to accumulate data silos to build customer insights.

Operational and strategic data, extracted, transformed, loaded and modeled, becomes the base for creating analytical models. Metaplore offers consulting, tool management and operations in the areas of Data warehousing and Business Analytics.

Our services offerings are,

Big Data Design and Development
Business Intelligence and Dashboards
Data ware housing and ETL

Big Data Design And Development

Big Data is considered to help informed decision making about understanding competition, and bringing additional dimensions to productivity growth, innovation, and competitiveness. Big Data also holds great potential for many sectors both in terms of operational efficiency improvements and the development of new services and products. Metaplore can help design a complete big data platform using technologies such as Hadoop and help make a big difference in an organization’s growth process.


Business Intelligence And Dashboards

The success of any application, finally is its MIS. From simplex to complex reports, we can design, develop and maintain – all the way ensuring proper MIS. Extending the logic of MIS, is how data is seen, modeled and presented. With business demanding more and more from IT, especially in terms of decision support from data accumulated from years of business, it is only imperative that business intelligence and dashboards are now an imperative need for business growth.


Managing large business is difficult as there are too many variables – the need to manage both the cost and the customer end nearly simultaneously. Most BI implementations fail to meet the aims that they set for. Decisions based on inaccurate information are highly risky. We help our customers address these risks by building a strong, efficient and accurate Business Intelligence solution.


We offer design, development, implementation and support of various management, strategic and operational dashboards.
Our dashboard development involves the below process:

Data warehousing And ETL

The data warehouse is the basis of any decision support system. It is important to get this right, as data modeling, business intelligence depends on getting the Data warehouse right. We offer end to end Data warehouse services including implementation, maintenance operations and support. We offer full life cycle design and development activities to build a complete warehouse and BI solution.

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