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An effective strategy for gaining and maintaining competitive advantages

Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing is not just a method of gaining a one-time cost advantage, but an effective strategy for gaining and maintaining competitive advantages when executed as part of an overall sourcing strategy. Through an optimal blend of onsite, offsite, nearshore, and offshore resources, our cost-effective delivery model balances global reach with local accountability and delivery excellence. Metaplore provides Application Hosting and Outsourcing services to assist our customers in managing their applications, hosting (Data Center) as well as user support.

Technical Architecture Services

Technical Aspects of the application own by Architect, This includes application architecture; database design (Overall), breakup of application into different modules, coding standards, up to objects and functions level also responsible for flow and interface designs.

Product Development

Conceptualisation, Design, Development & Marketing.

New Project Development

Idea analysis, Concept genesis, Prototyping, Product development

Application Performance Challenges

Availability, Resilience, Speed, Agility Security & Reliability

Technology Migration

Migration strategy, Project Management Approach, Resources Planning & Testing

Data Migration

Strategy, Extract data, Transform data & Load data

Enterprise Solution Architecture

Finding proper solutions to the existing problem, This may include software re-engineering, proposing appropriate platforms and technologies.

Enterprise Architecture

Superior mixture of both TA and SA., Experience of looking everything with reference to big picture. Span of his vision is spread over a wide area. Team was extremely strong in abstracting the situations, processes.

Enterprise Wide Technical Design

Our Technical Design and Architecture practice covers a wide range of sourcing strategy, Cloud Design and Solution Architecture capabilities

Define Technology Adaptation And Roadmap

Our Technical, Solution and Design Assurance Service provides alignment to Digital by Design and the Digital Service Manual principles/guidelines.

Blue Print of the technology stake of the enterprise

The Technical Services for Digital Projects provide infrastructure, SaaS and PaaS components for Digital teams, enabling them to focus on delivery.

Infrastructure Architecture

IT infrastructure architecture design is a key component of the IT infrastructure to work and support application performance. A detailed design is inevitable, if the organization is planning to invest in a new application or upscale investments. Our IT infrastructure design specialists bring years of experience to make it fundamentally right.

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