SAP Upgradation

Harmonizing Your SAP Solution with Current Trends

Metaplore boasts elite SAP developers and consultants who tirelessly assist businesses in modernizing their SAP solutions. As technology evolves both functionally and aesthetically, we ensure your business stays ahead in innovation.

Offering specialized SAP Upgrade and Migration services, Metaplore grasps the urgency of specific business challenges to deliver relevant solutions. Whether it's assistance with SAP Technical & Functional Upgrades or initiating SAP Database Migration from the ground up, Metaplore is your ally throughout the entire transformation journey.

Complete Suite of SAP Upgradation & Migration Services

Determine Ideal SAP Upgrade Routes

Initiating an SAP Upgrade Journey with Metaplore entails partnering with a seasoned SAP Consultant, who boasts specialized expertise in your industry and specific SAP products. This approach ensures the provision of premier solutions tailored to your organization's needs.

Our consultant, dedicated to aligning with your business, will conduct a custom Product Availability Matrix (PAM) Assessment along with a separate evaluation of your SAP Licenses, offering strategies for potential savings.

The PAM Assessment will encompass:

  • Types of software releases
  • Software maintenance
  • Planned Availability
  • Possible upgrade routes
  • Options for platform availability, including database platforms and operating systems
  • SAP Licensing options
Premier Approach to SAP Upgrades

After selecting an SAP Upgrade Path, understanding the components and strategy for your specific SAP Upgrade is crucial for maximizing the potential Return-on-Investment of the planned upgrade.

Metaplore has continually refined and executed our effective SAP Upgrade methodology, which concentrates on three essential aspects:

1.) Technical Upgrade
  • Upgrade the core technology stack
  • Evaluate the use of custom developments
  • Maintain necessary functionalities
2.) Functional Enhancements
  • Implement additional features with the SAP upgrade
  • Simplify system complexity through strategic improvements
  • Implement functionality extensions and improvements
  • Deploy new and optimized applications/business processes
3.) Strategic Enhancements

Following the upgrade, our SAP managers collaborate with you to further increase business value through software and process optimization, aiming for an ROI on your SAP investments that exceeds expectations. This also enhances your overall experience with SAP software, contributing to better business efficiency

Provide business plan and ROI on a migration to SAP S/4HANA

After reviewing points (1) and (2) above, if you are contemplating a migration to SAP S/4HANA and are eager to discover how it can advantage your business, we are committed to collaborating with you. We'll start by identifying the SAP products you presently utilize, comprehending your business needs and strategic goals to then develop a comprehensive business plan and migration strategy tailored to SAP S/4HANA

Why Metaplore's Migration & Upgrade Service?

Continuous Support
Our consultants offer their specialized knowledge throughout the entire upgrade process: from planning and execution to go-live and stabilization
Attention to Delivery
Rigorous management of processes, quality, and risks to deliver optimal value through the upgrade
Upgrade Experience
Our extensive migration and upgrade expertise across multiple industries enhances our ability to tailor our services to your specific requirements
Minimal Downtime
Our knowledge of processes and infrastructure enables us to conduct migrations and upgrades with minimal disruption to business operations
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