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Technology Audit

Metaplore Team has been partnering with companies for years to help them understand and implement solutions relating to a rapidly changing technology environment. Using that same sense of teamwork and partnership, we offer Information Technology (IT) audit services focused on helping clients reduce risk while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. We evaluate IT general controls and system applications, and integrate information technology throughout the audit process. Our unique approach seeks to automate and improve internal controls.

Application Audit

Application audits provide actual as-is status of product / project in the areas of business mapping, architecture, database, application maintainability, easy upgrades / enhancements.

Infrastructure Audit

Infrastructure audit provides insights into existing infrastructure’s present problems and future readiness, especially when new application roll outs are planned.

We can do the following
In the areas of server, storage, network, security and end computing. In security, we can do

On Demand Audit

From time to time, it is necessary that third party audits are called for unbiased and clear assessments about state of readiness or base lining. Some situations like

These audits are point in time audits which give an accurate snapshot of the status quo, and helps customer plan accurately on the way forward.
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