Project, Program and Portfolio
Management Services

Project, Program and Portfolio Management

Effective project, program, and portfolio management are critical for organizations to navigate complex challenges, allocate resources wisely, and achieve long-term success.

Project Management

We focus on achieving the project objectives within the constraints of time, budget, and scope. Our Project managers are responsible for the day-to-day management of the project, including scheduling tasks, managing resources, and addressing issues that may arise.

Program Management

We focus on the overall benefits realization and alignment with the organization's strategic goals. Our Program managers oversee multiple projects within a program, ensuring coordination, communication, and synergy between projects to achieve common objectives.

Portfolio Management

We focus on optimizing the organization's investment in projects and programs to maximize overall business value. Our Portfolio managers prioritize and allocate resources, monitor performance, and make decisions to ensure that the organization's portfolio aligns with its strategic goals.

Contract PMO Services

Our services provides organizations with the opportunity to enhance their project management capabilities, achieve better project outcomes, and adapt to changing project needs in a more flexible and cost-effective manner. Partnering with us provide the following benefits

Cost Effectiveness

You can access our specialized project management expertise without the need to hire and train a full-time, in-house team, reducing overhead costs

Quicker Implementations

Hiring and training an internal PMO can take time . Our expert PMO Services can assit you in quicker implementation, providing immediate support and expertise to ongoing or upcoming projects

Quick Response to Project Needs

Our services can quickly adapt to the unique needs of specific projects. This agility is valuable in responding to project challenges and ensuring effectiveness.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Our services reduces the administrative burden on the organization. We take care of tasks such as hiring, training, and managing project management resources

Focus on Core Competencies

Organizations can focus on their core competencies while we take care of project management functions. This allows the organization to concentrate on its primary business activities.

Any project involves extensive communication, reporting and facilitating, METAPLORE shall create a good Project Management system to ensure that the performance reports are submitted on time and reviewed at different levels. METAPLORE will deploy necessary resources for the project who will manage the client expectations. METAPLORE uses the following approach in establishing communication with its customers.

  • Multiple levels/ channels of communication
  • Creation of group email ID and the mails would be sent to all the stake holders
  • Reviews, periodic technical, projects progress/planning, quality reviews held with the clients. This will be through teleconferences and through Direct Meetings.
  • Back-up Communication channels - E-mail, telephones, faxes, integrated development environments to serve as back-ups in case of link failures.
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